Litto Carts

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Litto Disposables Full Gram just hit the market and they are amazing when it comes to flavor and potency! The design of these disposable cartridges are ergonomic, looks sleek and modern. Run out of battery on your disposable and waste all that left over oil? Don’t fret, you can recharge the Litto disposables until you finish all the oil in each pod with an mini-usb. These tote a full gram of fire organic oils and terpenes for your pleasure. Lastly, they are available in 7 different flavors and same consistent potency throughout all their pods.

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(Hybrid) Gelato, (Sativa) Strawberry Cough, (Sativa) Maui Wowie, (Sativa) Blue Dream, (Hybrid) Strawnana, (Indica) Purple Punch, (Indica) Skywalker OG, (Hybrid) Gushers, (Indica) Grape God