Buddah Bear (Diamond Sauce & Live Resin Badder)




Introducing Buddah Bear: The Perfect Live Resin Badder

In the past few years, live resin extracts have become more and more popular among recreational users and medical patients alike. Now, with Buddah Bear’s live resin extract line of products, you can experience some of the best terpene profiles in the industry in an easy-to-use cartridge format. It’s one thing to know that your extract has terpenes; it’s another to experience them, which is why every Buddah Bear cartridge comes complete with an authentic terpene count printed directly on the label. No other company does this!

What is a Live Resin?
The term live resin is used to describe a particular extraction process that involves fresh frozen plant material. This material is then extracted in the same way as shatter or wax, with the exception of a longer cook time and reduced pressure, resulting in a more viscous product with an earthier terpene profile.

Properties of the Buddah Bear Live Resin
Buddah bear is a sativa-dominant hybrid and has a strong, fruity aroma. It is sought out for its unique terpene profile which makes it an excellent strain to vape. This buddah bear live resin has been processed with the highest standards of quality and safety in mind, and the pure shatter, wax, carts are lab tested to ensure their potency.

How to smoke a live resin
A live resin is best consumed by vaping. To do this, use a wax cart with a 510 threaded connection. Place the live resin on top of the coil and heat it up with the power button. Hold down the button until you start to see vapor come out of your mouthpiece, then release it and inhale deeply!

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