Bubba Kush


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Bubba Kush is a classic Indica strain with OG Kush origins, that has gained notoriety for its heavy tranquillizing effects. One can expect to feel muscles ease with weightlessness as warm euphoria blankets the mind, leaving stress in the rearview mirror with encouragingly happy moods. Bubba Kush boasts a defining, bulky bud structure with forest green tones and shades of light purple. This potent strain provides a strong body buzz that will have you living in the moment and enjoying the simpler things in life. Buy Bubba Kush Online.

Best use of Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush has classic indica effects of happiness, hunger and is famous for its sleepiness. This strain is great for night time use after a hard day’s work. It is certain to lock you on the couch, so make sure you are well provisioned and comfortable before your first toke and enjoy the ride! Bubba Kush has been effective in combating stress, depression, lack of appetite, pain and most notably insomnia. Tomorrow may just come sooner than expected as Bubba Kush will rock you to sleep as you enjoy an evening film or your favourite tunes.

Flavour of Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush has sweet hashish flavours with subtle finishing notes of chocolate and coffee that will have your palate dancing. This strains smoke is thick and heavy with deep earthy and woody notes that finish sweet. Bubba Kush is a unique scent you won’t soon forget and is known for hitting the nose a bit differently for everyone.

Potency of Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is no doubt a heavy-hitting strain with strong relaxation and tranquillizing effects. This strain will put your brain on vacation and will finish you off with powerful sedation of the body and mind. Bubba Kush will satisfy all of your end of the day cravings and provide you with a deep sleep that will finish your day on a high note!

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